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Energy Efficiency Test

Energy Efficiency Test

Since the emergence of the electric light in the 19th century as lighting products, lighting technology has been rapid developed. Today, a series of energy efficiency and energy-saving regulations were launched in many countries or area around the world and lighting industry organizations have developed a variety of technical regulations and standards to regulate the performance of the lighting products. Our lighting performance and energy performance public laboratory has international advanced optical performance and energy efficiency testing equipments. We can help our customers quickly complete the below energy efficiency testing and certification for many countries.

  • Lighting products optical properties testing: light intensity distribution test, luminous flux testing, space chromaticity distribution test, color temperature testing, color rendering index test, spectrum distribution test, color deviation test, etc. EN62493 lighting products electromagnetic field (EMF) test, light biological safety assessment.
  • Energy efficiency certification: Energy Star, California CEC, DLC, DOE lighting Facts Label, Europe ERP directive, European Energy Efficiency Class, Australia GEMS, China Energy Label, Hong Kong Energy Efficiency, Efficient Lighting Initiative(EIL), etc.


The Relevant Provisions


Energy Star

Energy star voluntary certification, through the certification of products can be in the energy star label on products.


CEC belongs to compulsory certification, covering the product range includes: audio and video products, energy-saving lamps products, power products, ballast products.


ErP belongs to the European Union under the mandatory CE marking directive, ErP directive specifies the minimum performance and energy consumption of product requirements.


Australia has the lowest level of energy efficiency labels, belongs to the compulsory certification.


The energy saving trust has launched energy-saving certification marks, voluntary certification.