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Line of Business

Lighting Product

Bulb, Table lamp, Light chain, Flashlight, LED, Light board, Sensor light, Down light, Fluorescent light, Ceiling light.

Household Appliance

Fan, Air condition, Iron, Hair dryer, Oil heater, Microwave oven, Stove, Grill, Blender, Refrigerator, Deep fryer, Kettle, Toaster

Audio and Video Product

TV, Radio, DVD player, Speaker, Microphone, DJ Mixer, Telephone, Home theater.

Information Technology Product

Digital camera, Video camera, Smart phone, Pedometer, Walkie-talkie, Game consoles, Tablet PC, Web cam.

Wireless Communication Product

Router, Wireless LAN, Network Switches, Monitoring equipment.

Automotive Electronics

GPS (Global Positioning System), Car DVR, Reversing radar.

Power Supply

Power bank, Transformer, Power adapter, Voltage stabilizer, UPS, Power inverter, Charger.


Alkaline batteries, Zinc-manganese battery, Lithium - ion battery, NiMH batteries.

Toys and Children's Product

Plush toy, Game player, Feeding bottle, Scooter, Balloon, Baby stroller, Remote control toy, Crib, Walking wings, Baby diaper, Bibs.

Textiles, Footwear & Bag

Shirt, Trousers, Skirt, T-shirt, Underwear, Jeans, Dress, Boots, Slippers, Shoe, Backpack, Trolley bag.

Food Contact Material

Cup, Bowl, Chopsticks, Knife, Spoon, Fork, Teapot, Food mold.


Facial cleanser, shampoo, shaving cream, face cream, facial mask, hair spray, rouge, lipstick, eye shadow, deodorant, hair remover.

Mechanical Product

Engine, Damper, Drilling machine, Air compressor, Generator, Crane, Excavator, Bearings.

Building Material and Sanitary Product

Door, Awnings, Tiles, Faucet, Wallpaper, Window, Mosaics, Fence, Hinge, Wood floor.


Chair, Table, Sofa, Cabinet, Bed, Side table, TV stand, Stool, Mattress.