Iran COI, IC

The Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) is responsible for controlling the quality of goods entering Iran. In this regard, ISIRI has accredited V-Trust, as a testing, inspection and certification company, for the verification of conformity of certain categories of goods exported to Iran.

V-Trust provides tailor-made services to assist exporters throughout the entire certification process to demonstrate that their shipments are in conformity with Iranian or International Standards recognized by Iran. Once conformity is demonstrated, V-Trust issues a Certificate of Inspection (COI).

V-Trust provides also other services. We can issue commercial certificates such as “Inspection Certificates” (IC) which are issued based on the scope of work and instructions received by V-Trust’s client; this is often a requirement for a letter of credit.

Certification process

1. Request for inspection
Exporters complete and send the RFI form (Request for inspection) along with the following documents:

Letter of Credit (L/C) mentioning V-Trust as appointed inspection company (where applicable)
Commercial invoice or pro-forma invoice
Packing list
Manufacturer’s or seller’s declaration

2. Physical Inspection and documentary checking as below:

Check the compliance between the standard mentioned in the L/C and the consignment
Check the manufacturer's test report
Manufacturer or exporter's Declaration of Certificate (DoC)
Samples testing witnessed by V-Trust at the manufacturer's premises
Container stuffing or lading supervision if requested by exporter/importer

3. Exporter must submit the following documents:

Commercial invoice
Packing list
Transport document (such as B/L)

4. Issuance of CoI (Certificate of Inspection) or IC (Inspection Certificate)